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Get a URL Parameter from a client Request

Often it’s important to read off the parameters sent through from the request. If it’s a GET request these will lie within the url itself and can be read using the request’s URL property. It’s important to note that when getting the parameters in this way it will always return an array (or slice?). Our […]

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Go Lang

gofmt برای فرمت بندی کردن برنامه های گو استفاده میشه Gofmt formats Go programs. It uses tabs for indentation and blanks for alignment. Alignment assumes that an editor is using a fixed-width font. Without an explicit path, it processes the standard input. Given a file, it operates on that file; given a directory, it operates […]

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The Twelve-Factor App methodology

The twelve factors The Twelve-Factor App methodology is a methodology for building software-as-a-service applications. These best practices are designed to enable applications to be built with portability and resilience when deployed to the web. To effectively design and build apps for the cloud, you should understand the twelve factors: I. Codebase: One codebase tracked in […]